courtesy of the British Museum

Disvover the culture and heritage of Persia through this luxury collection traced back more than 2.500 years ago!

The Oxus Treasure is the most important surviving collection pieces from the Achaemenid Persian period founded by Cyrus the Great (7-4th century B.C). The Achaemenid Empire was the largest empire the ancient world had ever seen until 331-330 B.C. The Treasure was found in the Oxus river (1877-1880).

They are beautiful! We love them! – Wolf and Badgers

Mrs. Delany was one of the most attractive figures of the 18th century. Her mosaics of flowers (exceptionally detailed and botanically accurate) made from hundreds of pieces of cut colored papers were the crowning achievement of a creative life. She began her life’s work at 72 and stopped at the age of 88 when her eyesight failed her.

The Oxus Treasure & Mrs. Delany’s Paper Garden is a collection inspired by historical, culture and creative images.

Laleh Fayaz is an Iranian born, British raised graduate of Pansik Scuola Di Moda, now based in Athens, Greece.

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