Pantea Wrap


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This long rectangular, feather light esharp (long wrap) tells of a success story based on unity, harmony and great leadership.

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Product Description

History Behind Pantea

“The Immortals” was the name given by Herodotus to an elite force of soldiers who fought for the Achaemenid Empire. This unit of 10,000 men stemmed its name from the custom that every killed, seriously wounded or sick member was immediately replaced with a new one, maintaining the numbers and cohesion of the unit. A combination of The Immortals and the skillful leadership of King Cyrus created a vast Empire of almost 30 nations.

Additional Information


100% Silk Creppon




130cm x190cm (51×75 inches)


Hand Self Fringed 4 Sides

Washing & Cleaning

Dry Clean

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